Discover the beauty of Gregorian chant

Open your eyes to the sheer joy and meditative power of singing Gregorian chant – from the comfort of your own home, whenever it suits you best

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Find a profound sense of tranquility and contemplation as you delve into the melodic intricacies and devotional lyrics of Gregorian chant, creating a deeply engaging experience with both the sound and the silence.


Become part of a rich cultural tradition that spans centuries, immersing yourself in the sacred music of the past and connecting with a profound legacy of spiritual expression –and gain rare insights into ancient manuscripts from the 10th century, typically only accessible to scholars.


Kickstart or improve your singing skills with our vocal exercises and harmonisation techniques, which will enhance your musical capa-bilities across all genres. Our teachers are all classically trained experts in the field of Gregorian chant.


Forget what you know about music and experience it in a completely different way by getting to the heart of Gregorian chant’s ethereal beauty in its most accessible form: by singing it yourself. This meditative experience will change how you listen to music!

What you'll learn

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Marleen gives you a detailed overview of the course, complete with little previews of the lessons. 

All lessons can be completed from home, whenever it suits you. 

Course run-down


In this warmup video, Marjolein and Marleen take it upon themselves to make sure you’re ready to sing, both physically and vocally! Exercises include some gentle stretches and singing exercises with rich, beautiful harmonies. 

➞ Historical background
➞ Learn to sing the ‘Alleluia – In die resurrectionis’

➞ Learn to read square notation
➞ Learn to recite a psalm

➞ Learn to sing ‘Iubilate Deo’
➞ Sing along with Wishful, or…
➞ Sing along with the VOCES8 Scholars

➞ Learn to sing the antiphon ‘Laeva eius’
➞ Learn to sing psalm 121
➞ Sing along in the key of your choice

➞ Dive into the ancient manuscript and neumes of ‘Iubilate Deo’

➞ Learn to sing the hymn ‘Ubi Caritas’
➞ Sing along with Wishful Singing or the VOCES8 Scholars.

➞ Learn to sing the beautiful ‘Ecce Quam Bonum’…
➞ …and sing along with all of us!

Includes tips for further reading and where to find your own sheet music. 

We will provide you with a pdf containing all sheet music and any other information you might need for the course.

Ready to embark on your journey into the world of Gregorian chant singing?

About Wishful Singing & the VOCES8 Scholars

The collaboration between Wishful Singing and the VOCES8 Scholars is a remarkable fusion of talent, experience, and innovation. By combining the expertise of Wishful Singing’s seasoned Gregorian chant singers and the rich voices of the VOCES8 Scholars, this course offers you the very best learning experience, serving as a platform for artistic growth and exploration.

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Wishful Singing is a leading all-female vocal ensemble with a strong reputation for performing a broad repertoire ranging from early music, folk, close harmony, and contemporary music. The ensemble regularly performs at Dutch concert halls like the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, but they’ve also performed in Japan, the United States and many European countries.

Visit the Wishful Singing website.

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The VOCES8 Scholars program, established by the acclaimed vocal ensemble VOCES8, is a prestigious initiative aimed at nurturing young vocal talent and providing exceptional training in choral singing and musicianship. Each year, a select group of gifted singers from around the globe are chosen as VOCES8 Scholars, receiving mentorship from the members of VOCES8 and participating in various educational and performance opportunities.

Visit the VOCES8 Foundation website.

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The course can be done anywhere, any time. There are no set lesson times: just open up your laptop, tablet or even your phone and complete the lessons whenever it suits you!

Our course is priced at 29,95 euros to ensure accessible yet high-quality learning for all participants. This fee reflects the extensive expertise of our instructors, the comprehensive curriculum designed to deepen your understanding of this sacred musical tradition, and the resources provided to support your learning journey. By investing in this course, you’re not only gaining valuable knowledge and skills but also contributing to the preservation and appreciation of Gregorian Chant for generations to come.

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Wishful Singing is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.